Enhance your coding career with Primidac.

From Beginner to Advanced get to enhaced in your particular field of choice and start building real world applications.

Develop a new skill and gain value.

Develop a new skill in tech with the Primidac and gain value to get employed by top tech companies and the likes.

Become Tech inclined and independent

Get to know the technical know how of tech related stuff and get independent in this digital world.

Gain Skills

Gain tech related skills on completion of course and get job ready and independent for life.

Top Notch Tutorials

Learn with top notch and up to date tutorials that would make you a pro in your field of choice.

Learn from anywhere

Learn at your own convinience, either online or physical, we got you covered, learn from anywhere you want.

Code With Primidac.

Code With Primidac is a tech program that empowers people with skills in tech related field like, Cyber Security, Software Development, Web Design & Development and Coding. This is put in place to bring the power of tech to everyone, make one independent and job ready.

Our Courses

Cyber Security

Get the skill to protect yourself and others from cyber threat like malicious attacks and the likes, get to know how to build real world applications to protect networks and also break into one.

Get Started $200

Web Design & Development

Get the skill to build responsive web apps using industry standard frameworks and libraries. Get to build the next big thing using web technologies.

Get Started $80

Software Development

Get the skill to build hybrid applications [Android & iOS] using the best framework around. Get to build real world applications and solve real world problems using your newly acquired skill

Get Started $100


Learn the act of computer programming and get to solve real world problems which would lead you into other field and aspect of the tech industry

Get Started $53.59

Code With Primidac - Why you should invest your time in learning coding

Learning to code has become an important aspect of our lives as the world is becoming a digital village learning to codes comes with many benefits, from teaching you how to think to earning you a good and relaxing job to helping you solve real world problems.

Whether you want to uncover the secret of the universe, or you want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn - Steve Hawkings

What People are saying

“Enrolling in this program have made my quest of becoming an excellent software developer come true because of the simplified video and audio teaching which I got. I'm really grateful for been guided and taught by Primidac.Thank you so much for your guidance.”

Ebi Ukuta

“Primidac gave me so much motivation, I can never forget the day we first met, everything changed from that moment onwards. I became empowered in my field of choice and i am glad to have been guided by Primidac”

Promise Lucky

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